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Two billion people are in dire energy poverty. Modern electrical energy services are essential for social and economic progress in the developing world, and underpin a digital and interconnected society. 


Selling Daylight, though driven by ethical concerns, is explicitly commercial. It is a business strategy for supplying dependable, versatile energy services to the world at large. It proposes that photovoltaics (PV) – the direct generation of electricity from light – is the only solution which meets the scale and diversity of these needs. Stand-alone, or “off-grid” PV systems are clean, silent, reliable and low-maintenance; and they represent the highest value option in a truly gigantic emerging market.


Selling Daylight critiques the prevailing economic models of cost-competition, proposing instead that robust, versatile solutions are essential for customers to recognise and define the value they draw from them – thereby personalising their energy.


Selling Daylight asserts that there is no shortage of money and no technological barriers to progress. The problem is a lack of motivation to act, itself a function of how little we in privileged, grid-powered societies actually know or care about energy and fuel.


The culmination of over 18 years of professional experience, Selling Daylight reveals why the global commercial opportunity for autonomous energy is massively higher than existing sales suggest. These solutions can be implemented with profit now, utilising proven technology, through existing supply channels and within existing expenditure.


The business strategy is a formidable undertaking, requiring capital expenditure, commitment, willingness to marry global corporations with existing local networks, and a bomb-proof methodology for communicating value across national, linguistic and cultural barriers. The ultimate prize? Dependable and versatile energy services; a foundation for healthcare, education, agriculture, communications, entertainment, businesses, domestic and personal needs for (the) personalised energy generation.

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