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Selling Daylight front cover (from postc


Part One     How we use energy and why change is paramount
1  Electricity and people
2  Fuel and our lack of awareness
3  The developing world cannot have reliable grid electricity
4  Accepting that the grid format cannot end energy poverty

Part Two     Introducing the Selling Daylight proposition
5  Personalising energy
6  An introduction to PV systems
7  Universally accessible visual media
8  The core value and poor reputation of ‘off-grid’ PV

Part Three     Major elements of the Selling Daylight strategy
9  Focusing on quality and value
10  Optimising stand-alone PV hardware design
11  Sharing essential knowledge with everyone
12  The need to reform procurement of stand-alone PV projects
13  Why creating an energy services brand is essential

Part Four     People are the cause of poverty; and the solution
14  Why poverty persists
15  Finance, technology and people
16  Scale, diversity and people
17  Motivating millions of people and giant companies

Part Five     Implementing the Selling Daylight strategy
18  The need for a long-term strategy
19  Why and how to be a diverse company
20  Mapping global markets
21  Where to start

Part Six     The commercial value and need for local partners
22  Selling guaranteed energy services
23  Commercial growth from listening to the local market
24  The essential role of local partner networks
25  Global organisations partnering local networks

Part Seven     Why this strategy can work
26  A critical look at the Selling Daylight proposition
27  A focus on value justifies the price
28  A civil dawn: life with inclusive autonomous energy services

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