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Stand-Alone PV Systems

Photovoltaics (PV) – the direct generation of electricity from light – is the basis for the energy solutions proposed in Selling Daylight.

Stand-alone PV systems – which in basic terms are automatic battery chargers – are clean, silent, highly reliable, low maintenance and in many applications are the highest value option. However, autonomous PV (also known as off-grid systems) is primarily chosen because it is the only generic solution for the scale and diversity of needs.

Stand-alone PV can be personal or national, urban or rural, portable or fixed infrastructure. From calculators to satellites, proven value exists at every scale for individuals, organisations and nations.

Systems can enable hundreds of services such as personal lighting and mobile phone charging, electrical devices for schools, hospitals and businesses, and national communications or entertainment networks. In fact, there is a PV value proposition for every person on the planet.

Stand-alone PV cannot solve every energy service need, but the global energy challenge cannot be overcome without it. 

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